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HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis plant with high oil yield

Basic information of waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

Items Contents
Raw materials Waste tire, waste plastic, scrap rubber
Final products Heavy pyrolysis crude Oil, carbon black, steel wire, flammable gas
Model HY-6T/8T/10T
Size of reactor 2200*6000mm/D2600mm*L6600mm/2800*6000mm
24-hour capacity 10 tons
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, wood, natural gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 40%-45%
Material of reactor Q345R steel plate, Q245R, bimetal steel plate
Thickness of reactor 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
Safety ensure Automatic reducing valve and ring

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working flow chart:

Automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal
HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis plant with high oil yield  

Usage of the final products:

FUEL OIL (45% to 50%)

The main product generated by our waste tire pyrolysis plant is fuel oil which is widely used in industrial field so that has great commercial benefits. The oil has 45% to 50% yield of the amount of recycled scrap tires, which can be used in power plant factory
glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc.

CARBON BLACK (30% to 35%)

Carbon black produced by waste tyre pyrolysis plant is more economical compared to carbon black produced primarily from petroleum and is much more price-efficient to be used as raw materials in the industries listed.
Carbon black is used as raw material in many industries and the chemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens the endurance and improves the coloring features of the materials.

STEEL WIRE (10% to 15%)

Tires contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% to 15% of the total tire wastage. All of the steel present in the tire can be detached after the P Valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.

GAS (5% to 8%)

Non-Condensable gases could be used as heating material.

Profit analysis:

(here we take 10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant as example) 


Raw material cost:         USD / TON×10Ton=           USD
Fuel material cost:         USD / KG×      KG=           USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h         USD/KW×20hours=         USD
Worker’s salary:          USD/Day×4Persons=            USD  


Oil Profit:          USD/Ton×4.5Ton=            USD
Carbon black:          USD/Ton×3Ton=              USD
Steel wire:            USD/Ton×1.5Ton=              USD  

Gross Profit:

Total profit            USD - Total cost             USD=              USD
Note:You can calculate profit according to local situation. Generally speaking, you could recover your cost in 4 to 5 months, one year later, you will become very rich.

Advantages of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant:


a)  The reactor of our waste tire pyrolysis plant has auto welding machine, it can not only improve the working efficiency greatly but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, additionally, it is also designed to avoid explosion caused by gas leak.
b)  Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.
c)  Vacuum system will prevent oil gas going back to reactor and cause accident.
d)  Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve to ensure 100% safety.  


a) Emission Standard: Adopting special gas scrubbers
b) Smell during operation: Fully enclosed during the operation
c) Water pollution: During the operation, the water we use is recycling one to cool down the gas-oil and convert into liquid oil in the condensers. No pollution at all.
d) Solid pollution: the solid after pyrolysis is the crude carbon black and steel wires which can be deep-processed or sold directly with its value.  

3.Full open door design:

Speedy Loading in and steer drawing out, easily cooling down after one batch finished, saving time; No leaking with special high temperature flexible Graphite packing  

4.Fully enclosed Carbon black discharging system under high temperature.  

5.Energy conservation and low cost on operation.




HUAYIN customers:

HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis plant with high oil yield  
CNC machinery:

HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis plant with high oil yield 
HUAYIN company is the only one who has a christian background, honesty is our principle, in the past 20 years, we do lots of job on product quality and our services, we won a good reputation from our customers. HUAYIN is a trustworthy friend for you. Need more information about waste tyre pyrolysis plant, please contact us.

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