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2014 updated-design launched 6th generation waste tire pyrolysis plant with absolute advantage

Company Introduction  

Established in 1993, Huayin renewable energy equipment company, has been a leader of producing waste tire pyrolysis plant over 20 years. In the past 20 years, We have successfully established more 1000 sets of pyrolysis plants around the world. In addition to, these plants are widely appreciated by our customers owing to the various advantages and profits. Now After our technician continuous research and innovation, we have launch our latest-design  6th generation waste tire pyrolysis plant. Compared to 5th generation, it has more advantages, which would bring you more profits.

The advantages of 6th generation

  1.Fewer covers

  There is a base under the reactor, which is saving the foundation., thus more saving time, labors and money.

  2.Longer life

  There is a new high-technology device, which could use hot air heating achieving 100% utilization of heating energy. Compared to 5th generation, huayin 6th generation waaste tire pyrolysis plant could make the life expectancy increase 3-5 double.

  3.More environmental

  The design of our dust removal equipment adopt the latest high-tech, which could save the area and more environmental friendly.

The features of 6th generation


  There is a slope in the reactor thus facilitate to pull steel wire out of the reactor.
  The reactor adopts solder less joint technique together with carbon arc air gouging technique that guarantee the reactor have better performance without leakage.

  2.The oil outlet

  The diameter of the oil outlet expand from 630mm to 1000mm thus avoids the oil outlet breakdown in case of power outage. We all know that the reactor keeps rotating under normal circumstances, once there is a power failure, reactor stops rotating, the raw materials in the reactor under processing will sticking to the furnace wall that may make the reactor incline to one side. The sudden action of gravity do harm to stability of oil outlet pipe. We do this improvement to ensure the sturdiness of the oil outlet.


  The gear of the oil outlet use cast steel with better toughness instead of cast iron.


  The reducer uses cast steel replaces the previous cast iron material that can bear long-distance transportation and strong vibration with much longer lifetime.

  5.Condensing system

  Condensing system determines the oil yield to a great extent, the higher the yield is, the greater benefit you will get.
  Huayin 6th geration waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts three steps cooling system, meanwhile huayin 6th generation add the condenser to four, increasing the cooling process, which make the condensation effect better, and oil yield higher.
  First step: cooling water and crude oil and pouring oil into the first heavy oil tank through oil-water separator.
  Second step: cooling light oil and pouring it into the second measuring tank.
  Third step: cooling the oil gas and exhaust gas (main composition of natural gas are methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc ). Separating the gas above C4H, gas below C4H which can not be liquefied under normal pressure can be recycled to furnace thus energy saving and environmental friendly.


  Huayin 6 generation waste tire pyrolysis plant has the less covers, more environmental, the higher quality, and higher oil yield. If you have any interest, please contact us. We will serve you in sincere. We are looking forward to your join.
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