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Oil yield of waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Oil yield is the first important thing for waste tyre pyrolysis machine investors, it decides the financial profits directly. So technology is the leading factor. Suppliers of waste tyre pyrolysis machine can only master mature and advanced pyrolysis technology can they produce tyre pyrolysis machine with good quality. For tyre pyrolysis machine, cooling effect has close relation to oil yield. Huayin company worked on pyrolysis machien for 20 years and always adopt the forefront technology of waste tyre/plastic oil refining industry. Different from other manufacturers, we adopt three steps cooling to guarantee oil yield.
 Step one: cooling the water and crude oil and pouring the heavy oil into the first measuring tank through oil-water separator.
 Step two: cooling light oil gas and pouring it into the second measuring tank.
 Step three: cooling the oil gas and exhaust gas (main composition of natural gas are methane, ethane, butane, hydrogen, etc ). Separating  gas above C4H, gas under C4H which can not be liquified under normal pressure will be recycled to combustion system thus energy saving and environmental friendly.

After three steps cooling effect, customer will get the highers oil yield. Choose huayin tyre pyrolysis machie, your best choice!

tyre pyrolysis machine

                                                             Cooling pipe

                                 Horizontal condensers

pyrolysis oil


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