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Get high-quality oil with the waste tire refining plant

Xinxiang huayin renewable energy equipment CO.,Ltd is specialized in the production of the waste tire recycle machine. Here, i will introduce you the waste tire refining plant, which could recycle high-quality oil from waste tires.

The plant include three links:

1st link: Pyrolysis. This link can process raw material to crude oil

2nd link: Distillation. Pump the crude to this link to get diesel.

3rd link: Decolor and Deodorant. Process the diesel which is from 2nd link to get clean diesel with good color and smell.


Need for space:

1st link needs 400 square meters.
2nd link needs around 400 meters.
3rd link needs around 200 square meters. 
Whole set needs 1000 squares meters.

Working process of every link:

Link1: Raw material separation- automatic feed- catalytic cracking- oil-water separation- cooling liquid- crude oil- flammable gas recovery- flammable gas combustion- desulfurization and dust remove.

Link2: Feed liquid crude oil- heating - catalytic cracking - fractionation - cooling liquid - decompression - flammable gas recovery - flammable gas combustion - desulfurization

Link3: Purification of oil put into the tank-- adding additives A-- stir-- precipitation-- slagging-- adding additives B-- stir-- precipitation-- slagging-- finished

pyrolysis oil


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