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銆Huayin pyrolysis plant is very popular in india nowadays, it has its necessity. Today, India has developed rapidly and leapfrogged among world top countries in plastic and tyre fields. The annual tire output amount is very high in india. The number of waste tires and plastics is 50million every year and it will continue to rise by double digit yearly. However,70% of waste tires and plastics can not be recycled rightly. At the same time, it bring a serious pollution to India. Huayin company, as the pioneer of pyrolysis plant, has experienced over 20 years’s continuous innovation and development. We have successfully established many pyrolysis plants in India, which is the mose acclaimed suppliers of waste tyre recycling plant manufacturer in india as our pyrolysis plants never cause any explosion and has brought huge profits to our clients with the high quality and high-oil yield of our machine.

Six sizes of waste tyre pyrolysis plant in India for your choice

Model of tire recycling plant
(diameter*length) (mm)
Boiler plate Q245R/Q345R
Thickness 16/18mm
Condensers Vertical condenser
Horizontal condenser
Product series 4th generation
5th generation
6th generation
Slagging system Bucket elevator
Carbon black vacuum
Final product
(take tires for example)
oil 45-50%
Carbon black 25-30%
Steel wire 10-15%
gas 5%
Total weight 30-35T
Total power 19kw
Space needed 150m2
Labor needed 4 workers

Special characteristics of huayin pyrolysis plant

銆銆1. Waste tyre recycling plant manufacturer in india, Huayin, adopts advanced low temperature pyrolysis patent technology, implement the continuous industrial production, and fundamentally eliminate the environmental and safety concerns.
銆銆2. With patented heating technology, unique heat dispersion heating process, and low temperature sulfur transfer agent to heat materials evenly, it not only makes high oil yield, but also ensures the good quality of oil and carbon black.
銆銆3. Combustible gas from production can be reused in heating system after purification. And taking advantage of waste heat recycling technology, so our machine can reach high thermal efficiency and reduce the production cost greatly.
銆銆4. Low temperature pyrolysis technology greatly improves the safety performance and equipment service life.
銆銆5. Special flue gas purification system of huayin waste tyre recycling plant can remove all pollutants in flue gas, H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission index has meet the high standards of Europe and America.

The materials and approximate oil yield

Raw material  Oil yield Steel wire
Waste tire/rubber

Big tyres  45%-50% 15%-20%
Waste plastic Car tyres  40% 10%-15%
Bicycles motorcycles tyres  30%-35%  5%-10%
Fishing net  45%-50%  
  Safety-net,  farm-oriented film  45%-50%  
  Convenient bags, weave bags  40%

Plant features

銆銆1銆丅last protection system
銆銆Our waste tire oil refining equipment include oil-water separator, negative pressure device, anti-back fire device which can prevent the flammable gas which is from furnace go back to the furnace. There are two auto-safety valves in the reactor to ensure it runs in normal pressure.
銆銆2銆丄cid-base neutralization SO2 removal
銆銆Our dust and sulfur removal system according to acid-base neutralization to remove the dust and SO2 which is from heating system to protect the environment.
銆銆3銆丷ecovering the exhaust flammable gas for fuel
銆銆The anti-back fire device can recycle the exhaust flammable gas to the furnace for fuel. It can save much fuel for you.
銆銆4銆丷ecovering the exhaust flammable gas for fuel
銆銆The exhaust flammable gas ( methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen etc) recycling system, can recycled the gas back into the furnace to heat reactor. Fuel is also a cost for customers, this system can save customers ‘cost at same time we protect our environment
銆銆5銆丷ecycled water cooling system
銆銆All of water for cooling system is recycled, so it ensure that the cooling system have stable low temperature. So the oil gas can be liquefied sufficiently.


銆銆You must know our pyrolysis plants is very well and we are the high-level waste tyre recycling plant manufacturer in india. At the same time, Huayin would send our experienced engineer to instruct your workers to install your plant at same time training your workers how to operate plant correctly. If you have any interest, please contact us.

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