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The latest hot sale Waste tire recycling plant

Huayin waste tire recycling plant exported to many countires:

Huayin Waste tire recycling plant have been exported and installed in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, Kuwait, Iran, Ecuador, South Africa Ethiopia, Irak, Jordan, Poland, Guatemala, Chech, Haiti, Saudi Arabia and so on.


Let's see Huayin Waste tire recycling plant special features:

First, our Waste tire recycling plant is not only suitable for waste tire but also for scrap plastic. But here we take tires:
For the whole process, first we will make feeding the material into reactor.
If tire, what is the diameter? Is it truck tire, or buss, car or motor one? Will you feed the whole one?
No mattter you cut it or crush them, please make the diameter less than 1600mm.
After feeding, it will take 2 hours to get the first oil. This process will last about 8 hours.First waste 
tire will become into oil gas, the oil gas will flow into the catalyst chamber.
Catalyst chamber will purify the oil gas and slow down speed. Then the oil gas will go into the safety
device-oil water separator. Here 80% oil gas will be cooled into liquids by water in oil water separator.
Now the oil liquids from the oil water separator will be collected in the first oil tank.

The heavy oil gas which are not cooled down will flow into the 2 horizontal condensors after big cooling,
spme oil gas also be cooled into the oil then collected in the second oil not all oil gas can be
cooled into the oil, some oil gas which can not be cooled at normal temperature and pressure we will recycle them into the furnace as fuel to heat waste tire to oil recycling machine. So after the oil come out, you have no need to offer fuel by yourself.

After oil come out totally,it is better for you to cool down pyrolysis machine ,it is safe to discharge carbon black. After discharge the carbon black, we have to pull the steel wire from machine, cause crude oil and carbon black, steel is the by product of waste tire to oil process. When you pull the steel, you can use the winch which is under the auto feeder, its power is 3kw. All the process from waste tire to crude oil and carbon black, steel is over.


Waste tire recycling plant certification:

Our Waste tire recycling plant have lots of certifications to make us have the rights to export our old tire to crude oil plant overseas. Such as ISO9001, CE, ISO14001. Also we have SGS oil report, it can show you what quality oil you can get.

Our Services:

1. Pre-sale service: explaine Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant For Crude Oil tire/rubber/plastic input, to furnace oil /carbon black/steel output
2. Sale: offer satisfied machine and send machine on time.
3. After sale:engineer help install and trial and teach your workers.

pyrolysis oil


Supply the most current design and technical expertise; Supply parts sales and training service far beyond the initial sale; Your profits with quality parts and expert service.

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