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Waste to energy Plastic to oil machine
One whole set of plastic to oil machine consists the following 13 main parts: reactor, catalyst chamber, water-oil separator, two big horizontal Condensers (great cooling effect), two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device, vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.
Our Plastic to oil machine is highly automatic, during the machine running process, only four people is enough to operate the machine. Since we have auto-feeder, it can save you lots of time and labors. Let's see the auto-feeder of plastic pyrolysis machine.

The auto-feeder have 60T hydraulic pressure, it can feed 500 kg one time, if your raw material is 10 ton waste plastic, the feeding time will last 2 hours. With our aotu-feeder, your workers do not need to lift up the waste plastics into the reactor, it saves lots of manpower. Another advantage of auto-feeder id that after dischaging the carbon black, you don't need to wait the reactor cooling town, you can start next batch directly, as no worker go inside to feed raw material, it can save time and much more safer. We know that the plastic to oil machine always dangerous after finish one bacth as there are lots of different gas inside the reactor, even after the reactor cooling down, how can you ensure it's completely safe when your workers go inside. So this is the heart point of our auto-feeder: 100% safety guarantee.

Another important device of the plastic to oil machine is reactor. 
Reactor is the most important of whole system, actually, the lifetime is according to the material of reactor. Long time ago, all the Chinese companies use Q245R boiler plate to manufaacture reactor, untill now, most of them still not change, but we already changed to Q345R many for years, the quality of these two material are totally different, Q245R only can last 400 batches, but Q345R can last 650-700 batches. Why the price of machines are different? If the machine have really same quality, how could they sell the machine at lower cost? I think that's not true. Also for our reactor can process both plastic and tyre, but you should remember that separate them, if you have these two materials, this is designed for you sir, only this machine is worthy of you.

Last, le's move to the comdensing system, this system quality decides your oil yield on a large extent. In our plastic to oil machine, there are two horizontal condensers. Some people said that the big pool is better than condenser and also said more pipes inside the condenser or more condenser and so on. I just want to ask them: Do you understand waste to oil pyrolysis machine and oil refining machine? In all of the world, the standard cooling is pipe condenser, and also the distance of cooling can not be very long, that will reduce oil percentage. This is the common sense, not secret, but why more and more customer said that' good?  Because most customers don't know this machine, so some companies just make different and shape to cheat. Fortunately, you meet us, if you come to vist our running machine, talk with our professor, you will totally understand this machine.

All in all, Huayin is the gospel of the God, we aimed to build better quality plastic oil machine to bring gospel to worldwide people to glory the God's name.
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