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Three levels of tyre pyrolysis machine from professional manufacturer, huayin

Company Profile

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.Ltd, as the pioneer of pyrolysis plants, has  specialized in waste management machine production over 20 years. Huayin company offers a wide range of tyre pyrolysis machines which are extensively used for recycling waste rubber, waste tyres and waste plastic. As per different requirements, huayin provide the different -levels machines to satisfy the customers’s needs.

The features of our fouth generation machines

1. Reactor: First, the reactor has two circular feeding doors, the smaller one is used to feeding waste plastics, the bigger one is used to feeding waste tyres(whole tyre). It can coordinate our auto feeder device. Using this device can help you same time and make your work more efficiency. After one batch, you can feed another batch material directly. Second, the reactor has been packaged in, it will be much more energy saving.
2. Gear: you can see, the gear, it is not welding on the reactor, it can take down and easy maintenance.
3. Cooling system: First, it is the cooling pipes, it is used to cooling down the crude heavy oil. Second, our system have two vertical condensers. Ever vertical condensers contains 57 pipes, it is used to partly cooling
down some light oil. The third is the last vertical condenser, it is connected with the second oil tank, to re-cooling the gas that can not be liquefied. After these three stages, the oil yield can be guaranteed.
4. Low price: We are manufacturers and suppliers of pyrolysis plant, the factory is located in the suburbs, so the cost is relatively low, customers can buy cheap and fine products surely.
5. Mature technology: The fourth generation pyrolysis equipment adopts advanced technique and have been sold to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
6. The 4th generation pyrolysis plant applies to countries which don't have high environmental requirements.

The features of fifth generation machine

A: Reactor
1. The raw material of reactor is Q345R. Q345R is mainly used for pressure vessel because it can be continuously heated for long time.
2. Auto-welding with carbon arc air gouging technique.
3. The reactor is fully covered by thermal insulation. Heat preservation effect is good.
4. The gear is separated from the reactor. It avoids deformation after being heated for long time. Even it is broken you only need to change the gear. The maintenance cost is low.
5. Gaps are sealed by asbestos pad.
6. There is an safety net inside the reactor. It prevents the raw materials going to accessories and avoiding blocking.
7. There are spiral plates inside of the reactor cab help to auto-feed and slag.
8. Feed port is round shape. It can work with auto-feeder. It helps you feed more raw materials and improve working efficiency.
B: Condenser
1.two horizontal condensers instead of 5 vertical condenser, and also the volume of one horizontal condenser can be equaled with 3 vertical condensers.
2.the length has twice, so cooling effect will be better, in this way oil output can be guaranteed and raised.
3. we added two vertical condensers to cool the exhaust gas, further ensure the quality of oil. As for the oil-water separator, 5th generation has a water layer in it.
4.In summary, 5th generation pyrolysis plant is a new break through of our innovation.
C: High degree of automation and safety:
The advance device,with a small forklift,conveyor and automatic feed. At the same time, 5th generation machines have anti-blocking device and have pressure gauges,alarms,safety valves and vacuum machine.
D: Environmental and energy saving
recycling of exhaust gas and science fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.

The features of  6th generation pyrolysis machine

1. Less floor space
With our special design, Huayin 6th generation tyre pyrolysis machine does not need subgrade since we add an apyrous pedestal under the reactor to replace the subgrade, it can save our clients lots of land and civil engineering cost.

2. 3 to 5 times service lifes
At before, the reactor service life is decreasing day by day due to thermal expansion principle, now we add a special equipment inside the reactor and it is hot air heat the reactor. The service life is 3 to 5 times than before. On the other hand, the heating energy can get 100% utilization.

3. Fully environmental friendly
There is a dust removal system connect to the top of the reactor, the dust remover adopts cyclone de-duster and filter bag de-duster composite design, it can guarantee the best environmental dust removing effect. Another feature of the de-dusting system is that it does not need de-dusting pool.

4. Condensing system
The condensing system of pyrolysis plant decides the oil yield on a large extent. Our newest pyrolysis plant still adopts three steps cooling system, but now we use four six meters big horizontal condensers, and still another two vertical condensers to guarantee the oil quality and yield.

5. High value by-products
Carbon black could be processed carbon black pallets, which could use as a filler in plastic, rubber, wire.

All the machines have the mature technology and you could choose what you want. For any generation tyre pyrolysis machines, we will guarantee the quality of quality, promise you the competitive price and offer you the the best service.  


Profit Analysis

 (Here we take 10ton tyre pyrolysis machine as example)

From Tire To Furnace Oil Process

Raw material cost:         USD / TON×10Ton=           USD
Fuel material cost:         USD / KG×      KG=           USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h         USD/KW×20hours=         USD
Worker’s salary:          USD/Day×4Persons=            USD
Oil Profit:          USD/Ton×4.5Ton=            USD
Carbon black:          USD/Ton×3Ton=              USD
Steel wire:            USD/Ton×1.5Ton=              USD
Gross Profit:
Total profit            USD - Total cost             USD=              USD

From Furnace Oil To Fuel Oil Process

(If 10ton waste tires then 5ton capacity is enough for this link)
Raw material cost:         USD / TON×5Ton=           USD
Fuel material cost:         USD / KG×      KG=           USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h         USD/KW×20hours=         USD
Worker’s salary:          USD/Day×4Persons=            USD
Oil Profit:          USD/Ton×4.5Ton=            USD
Gross Profit:
Total profit            USD - Total cost             USD=              USD
Note: This project not only a business but also a green technology to clean the world.

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