Large and small capacity used plastic to furnace oil equipment
Many kinds of wastes can be recycled into furnace oil. Variety of polymer waste material is suitable as raw material. Given below the list for you customer reference include PE, PP, PS, ABS,Instant noodles, Tail material from paper factory, House refuse, Pure plastic cable skin, Truck tire, Car tire/bicycle tire, Rubber cable skin/tread, Waste chemical fibber carpet materials, PMMA, Mixed rubber.
Our used plastic to furnace oil equipment have different large and small capacity varies from 3ton to 10ton to meet various customer requirements. You can choose suitable machine according to your own needs. Let's see the detailed technical parameters:

Six different sizes of tyre recycling pyrolysis plant for customer needs:

NO. Model Reactor size volume capacity Note
1 HY-2200-6000 2200*6000mm 20.7 M³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
2 HY-2200-6600 2200*6600mm 25.1 M³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
3 HY-2600-6000 2600*6000mm 31.8M³ 7 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
4 HY-2600-6600 2600*6600mm 35.0M³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
5 HY-2800-6000 2800*6000mm 36.9 M³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
6 HY-2800-6600 2800*6600mm 40.6 M³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day


Used plastic to furnace oil equipment working time:

A. Raw material feeding -- 2 hours.  
B. 2 hours after feeding, it begins to extract oil and lasts 10 hours.
C.Slagging and steel wire discharge - --2 hours   
D. No need cool down reactor, begin to next batch


Main system of used plastic to furnace oil equipment:

1. Heating system   
Using Q345R boiler steel and the thickness is 14mm and 16mm,the thickness would be changed according the customers'requirments. The main engine use horizontal-type of 360°structure-0.4 r/min
2. Separation system    
Catalyst chamber and oil water separator 
Depart the heavy oil and impurities from the oil gas to purify the oil.
3. Condensing system  
Generally speaking , for all the raw material all be finished by heating to gasification and cracking, and then cooling to get oil, so the key is the relationship between the yield rate and condensation. So the best and easy way is to improve the condenser cooling effect so as to get higher yield rate.
4. Dedusting system
Complete dust removal system
Desulfurization dedusting:remove the sulphur(when use coal as fuel) and dust
Water purification: for the second removal.
5. Waste gas recycles system 
Gas collecting system
In the process of refining oil, when the gas is heated up to 150 , it will produce a large amount of gasCH4& C4H8 ,which cannot convert to liquid at normal temperature and normal pressure. However, these gases can be used as fuel, which is not only environment protection but also energy conservation
6. Carbon black recycles system
Vacuum carbon black slagging system
The solid residual will be left after the catalyst splitting from scrap plastic, approximately take up 5% of the waste tire.

Its main component is the black carbon, which can be used as raw materials in industry, as well could be mixed with the pulverized coal ash to produce the raw material of the thermal power plant, and also could be applied to the manufacturing of the pulverized coal ash brick (one kind of environmental protection building material).
Huayin group is specialized in manufacturing used plastic to furnace oil equipment, waste plastic pyrolysis plant, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device for 20 years. We are the pioneer in this field since 1993. Different from others, we have a special factory with 2000 square meters for laboratory and running plant. Welcome your inquiry and visiting. Thank you! 

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