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Waste Tire Machine
   Waste Tire Machine
    Waste tire machine can get 5-120 mesh rubber granule or rubber powder from waste tires. the whole process is without pollution and with computer control center, which can protect the environment and lower labor cost. the rubber powder is widely used in rubber industry.
    First, it is very important for customers to care about the safety. if not careful, you will be the brink of ruin.
    A.we have some safety devices such as alarming device,pressure gauge,safety valve.if there are some pressure in the reactor, the alarming device will ring and even no workers hear it,it does not matter as we have the reducing pressure device automatically.
    B.the special design for oil-water seperator which can avoid the oil gas be back to the reactor.
    C.another design is for the anti-back fire device which can stop the fire be back to the is the safety device.
    D.we have negative pressure device which can make the whole refining procedure be on the normal pressure so there will be no blast.
    Second,our plants are environment protecting.there are two steps to move the pollution.
    A.the smoke from the coal&charcoal&wood or other materials will be removed using our dust removal device. there will be no smoke even no vapor.
    B.the tail gas will be collected through our anti-back fire device .these gases can be sent to the reactor to burn as the fuel materials.
    Third,it is energy saving for our equipments.
    A.the catalytic chamber is very important. we will put some catalyst into the catalytic chamber
    which can reduce the temperature of the cracking and there is no need for you to cost so much fuel materials.
    B.when the oil is out,there is no need for you to burn as the tail gas can be as the fuel materials to burn the reactor.
    C.the negative pressure device also can reduce the temperature of catalyzing and likes we boil the water on the high mountain. the water will be boiling on 70°c not 100°c.
    Forth,our equipments are long life as the special design and the materials of the reactor and small parts.
    A.the materials of the reactor isQ345R boiler plate.
    B.even the small parts are the best in china such as the screws which are stainless steel.
    Fifth,the high degree of the automation
    A.we creat the auto-feeder for feeding the tires& is very convenient and saving time and labours. we all know slagging is very dirty so we creat the carbon black elevator to lift the carbon black out.
    C.we have oil pumping device automatically and reduce pressure automatically.
    Sixth,good after-sale service.
    A.we are the one which has the background of the christian. love is full of our company and the heart of our company is to help customers success.
    B.we have lot's of experiences technicians who have installed the equipments in china and foreign countries.
    Seventh,now very high cost.
    if you consider the quality, our price is very competitive.

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