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Pyrolysis plant of waste tire recycling


    Pyrolysis plant of waste tire recycling
    Increasing scrap tires has become a global environmental issues, waste tire accumulation of occupation of land, pollution of the environment, and easy to fire, a public nuisance. The traditional treatment methods, such as incineration and landfill has been banned. The amount of waste tire recycling process only about 50%, will take the waste tire cracking fuel oil and carbon black is one of the most radical approach. Not waste tire pyrolysis process emissions, but also fuel oil and carbon black can be recycled, environmentally friendly and resource recycling, have a higher economic value, is considered today the best way to dispose of used tires one. Existing waste tire pyrolysis thermal cracking, catalytic degradation of three categories and microwave depolymerization process.
    Tire pyrolysis can be recycled 70% of the energy, while burning only 42% of energy recovery. 1970s, the French such as the annual 30 million tires pyrolysis, to produce fuel oil, 135,000 tons, 140,000 tons of carbon black and a lot of steel.
    The past 20 years, pyrolysis method of manufacturing a tire developed countries, the focus of the company environmental protection departments, and the treatment of more advanced. Methods used in high-temperature pyrolysis, catalytic pyrolysis, vacuum pyrolysis, etc., the product of the reaction conditions may vary with the purpose of a poor people, but also a variety of reactor. In China, limited by the level of economic development, waste rubber recycling process is still in the stage of pyrolysis processing method just started.
    Recycling waste rubber by pyrolysis fuel oil, gas and carbon black process in our study less, Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd. developed the case study presented below
    Approach in a variety of tires, cracking approach "destroy" the tires and the high rate of energy recovery, not to limit the impact of product sales capacity, can consume a lot of tires. Waste tire pyrolysis process technology in the developed countries have achieved industrialization, they proved that waste tire pyrolysis system for liquid fuels and chemicals, not only can handle a large number of tires, there is no discharge of pollutants, protect the environment and save recovered energy, and have considerable economic benefits. Of course, the oil and chemical quality to be improved. China's scrap tire pyrolysis process in terms of technology development or research in the basic theory are at the initial stage. We should learn from foreign experience, as soon as possible to develop appropriate levels of scrap tire pyrolysis of China's economic processing technology, environmental protection, the benefit of the people.

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