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The role of waste tire refining equipment


    The role of waste tire refining equipment
    The following is a brief look at the role of waste tire refining equipment:
    Waste tire, waste lubricating oil from a variety of machinery, vehicles, ships and other equipment replaced, the process is to produce large amounts of resin and oxides: As the oil contamination by the outside world in the course of, making it reduce and even lost its control friction, reduce wear, cooling, sealed isolation, and reduce the vibration effects have to be replaced.
    Lubricating oil has been widely used in automobile, ship engines, transmissions, gear and turbine gear hardening, lubrication, has also been widely used in water tanks and cooling systems, automatic gear box, gear oil, brake and clutch systems. crankcase, power systems, transformers and all kinds of machinery and other transmission parts, so the use of lubricants wide range. Therefore, we can see, lubricants annual usage is fairly large. So, we can imagine, an annual production of waste lubricating oil is also quite large.
    The waste oil refining equipment is a waste oil refined into gasoline, diesel and other refined oil, machinery and equipment, so it can play the utilization of waste and turning waste into wealth, the role of environmental protection and energy saving. So much waste oil production in today's circumstances, waste oil refining equipment is immeasurable, and it will play a crucial role in environmental protection and energy saving in the future!

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