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The excellent performance of the multi-functional oil refining equipment


    The excellent performance of the multi-functional oil refining equipment
    After a long period of research and practice, the excellent performance of the design of multifunctional oil refining equipment is mainly reflected in the following eight areas:
    1.Multi-functional oil refining equipment to operate more convenient. Reasonable design, smooth layout, so that the operation is very convenient and orderly.
    2.Multifunctional oil refining equipment is the use of advanced technology in design. According to different raw materials to design appropriate process, and multistage catalytic cracking, high yield of refined oil, good quality.
    3.Compact multifunctional oil refining equipment. Production equipment, a change stupid, big, thick image, on the basis of scientific computing, and fully optimized parameters, reactor, heat exchanger, refined, compact separator, seamless, compact and practical. Heat exchanger, such as: selection of a new spiral process structure, and volume at least several times smaller than the coil, tubular, small space.
    4.Multifunctional oil refining equipment, machinery nesting. Mechanical discharge, slag, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve safety, changing health conditions.
    5.Multifunctional oil refining equipment equipped with an automatic alarm device. Equipped with a security self-defense systems, anti-leak, anti-hidden, Dangerous Love alarm, automatically exclude.
    6.The temperature of the multifunctional oil refining equipment to self-control. The reaction temperature is adjustable, self-control instrument.
    7.Multifunctional oil refining equipment, anti-corrosion and durable. In particular, the heated part of the reactor using a new type of material temperature corrosion-resistant protective treatment, long-term use is not the creep, delamination, and does not rust.
    8.Mltifunctional oil refining equipment, scientific and environmental protection. No emissions, waste, waste "three wastes" emissions, and energy saving, saving, environmental protection.

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