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The overview of waste plastic refining equipment


    The overview of waste plastic refining equipment
    Waste plastic refining equipment from heating equipment, heat transfer equipment, mass transfer equipment, response equipment, container and fluid handling equipment parts, following them for the simple description:
    The heating of the waste plastics refining equipment equipment refers to the crude oil is heated to a certain temperature, so that the oil gasification or oil reaction was carried out to provide sufficient heat and the reaction space a device, commonly used is a tubular heater.
    Fluid transfer equipment for waste plastic oil refining equipment to transport all kinds of liquids, such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, water and gas (oil and gas, air, steam, etc.) can be divided into two, but no matter what, the ultimate purpose of are raising or lowering of the material pressure. At present, the transmission fluid mechanical pumps, centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, vortex pump; mainly compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps and other mechanical transmission of gas. In addition, include various types of pipes, valves and other fluid transfer equipment.
    Information of some components of the waste plastic refining equipment: atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, a pump investment accounts for about 5% of the total investment; catalytic cracking unit, the only main blower and gas compressor accounts for about 6% of the total investment ; hydrocracking unit, the compressor power consumption equivalent to 60% of the entire device; valves thousands required for a process plant waste plastic refining equipment, pipeline total length of up to ten thousand meters above.

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