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Operating flexibility of the waste tire recycling plate


    Operating flexibility of the waste tire recycling plate
    Waste tire recycling machine trays in the distillation efficiency, can adapt to deal with changes in the range, it is called the operating flexibility of the trays. Which greater operating flexibility, the greater will be the flexibility of trays in the production.
    In the actual production of waste tire recycling machine, the impact of separation trays more processing power and operating flexibility factors, the following simple analysis of only the impact of the tray configuration introduced:
    In the distillation process, when the liquid flow down the downcomer pipe from the upper trays, flowing down through the trays when bound on the trays to form a slope, called meniscus divide, i.e. the liquid layer at the entrance thickness in at the outlet of the thin case. Due to the resistance of the liquid thin place, from there through the gas than liquid thickness. Especially larger diameter of the tower, the liquid level drop, thereby enabling the gas distribution is very uneven, thus greatly reducing the separation efficiency.
    In order to reduce the liquid level drop, improved separation efficiency in the larger diameter plate, usually take the liquid is divided into two or several Next stream in order to shorten the liquid flowing through the distance of the trays, this approach is called dual overflow or more overflow; called single overflow liquid-way flow.
    The general diameter 2.2 to 2.4 meters below the tray can be used single-overflow; diameter of 2.4 meters above the tray, dual overflow or more overflow.

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