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Tire recycling machine filler type

    Tire recycling machine filler type
    There are many type of tire recycling machine packing their concoction of different ways, can be roughly divided into two categories of particle packing and structured packing.
    The particulate filler due to its structural characteristics, can not be placed according to some rules, but only free stuffing, therefore, also referred to as "heaps" filler.
    Common particulate fillers Raschig rings, Pall rings, θ ring, cross ring, curved saddle, rectangular saddle this filler gas-liquid two-phase distribution is not uniform, so the separation efficiency of the tower is not ideal.
    For this, resulting in a structured packing, the separation effect of such fillers, lower pressure drop, it applies to the higher gas velocity or smaller reflux ratio operation.
    Currently, the use of structured packing is the packing of the filler material and the corrugated plate of the corrugated mesh.

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