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The trends of waste tire refining equipment

    The trends of waste tire refining equipment
    Our company is a well-known enterprise specializing in waste tire refining equipment, the company operated for many years, a considerable understanding of the waste tire refining equipment, following a brief for your next refining equipment trends:
    Rising more and more demanding requirements of the refinery process equipment. Thereby causing fouling of coke, erosion, fatigue speed greatly increased, compared with the conventional and the same time, due to the long period operation time, the variety of crude oil varieties, sulfur distribution changing other factors, resulting in equipment accident.
    Fault more and more, there are a lot of damage of unprecedented manner. With the international crude oil prices continued to rise, and the domestic refined oil prices are not in place, the domestic oil refining companies the past two years there have been huge losses, enterprises in pursuit of effective, more inclined to the relatively low purchase price of heavy, high-sulfur, high acid crude oil, so many do not have the refining low-grade crude device equipment failure is more prominent, major equipment in petrochemical refining units in China for two years to accident and failure analysis of the characteristics and appropriate preventive measures and countermeasures.
    If you have other questions, you are welcome to consult us, we will use the most enthusiastic service to answer your questions. We expect you to contact us.

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