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1 kg plastic can refining 1 litre in canada


    According to the Canada 310 holding company spokesman said the company plans to the end of October near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada to build a commercial-grade waste plastics oil refining equipment, the construction of the device required equipment already delivered.
    The device uses a proprietary catalyst will be molten plastic waste into a substance similar to diesel a day, processing 20 tons of waste plastics processing 1 kg plastic can be refining one l.
    Through the thermal conversion of waste plastics oil refining is not a new method, but more recently. Akron, Ohio, a recycling technology company Polyflow have been efforts to commercialization of a similar technology, and with the state of Stow City and Hiram University established the Supply Agreement; polymer energy companies in Asia have been three sets of plastic thermal conversion device in operation; Pennsylvania State University developed a technology can be the waste plastic melt into a can be used for coal combustion additives.

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