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New process and equipment of biological refining

    New process and equipment of biological refining.
    1. Waste plastic recycling plant using catalytic formula for thermal catalytic cracking technology, so that significantly improve the yield of biodiesel. This new production technology not only guarantees the yield of the biodiesel, and this new method has the advantages of simple production process.
    2. The new process for preparing biological diesel oil by, a domestic popular use of low carbon alcohols ( such as: methanol ), esterification and Transesterification for biodiesel production, there is a great advantage:
    3. This new production technology in the whole production process does not need to add the low carbon alcohols, only a small amount of the catalyst, which greatly saves the cost of chemical goods.
    4. This new production method determines, pyrolysis feedstocks from only the biological diesel oil and a few organic carbon black.
    5. The entire production process only need to add4% methanol as deacidification agent, there is no methanol recovery equipment investment, can greatly reduce the customer's initial investment.
    6. Raw material stage without treatment (such as: dehydration, to miscellaneous craft ), waste plastic recycling plant which not only can reduce the early refining equipment investment, but also reduce the cost of production process.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

     Pyrolysis Plant

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