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Waste tire refinery equipment should progress

    Refinery equipment must progress
    At present, waste plastic refinery equipment Chinese finished oil price rising, and people's environmental protection consciousness also unceasingly to strengthen, then, for the improvement of Chinese domestic oil product quality requirements are increasingly clear.
    Oil industry is subject to the national monopoly, but its quality is far better than imported a lot of difference. Due to oil of our country finished product technology quality standard low, oil refining equipment all the year round in a backward state, this is the primary reason that forms this kind of difference. China's oil refining industry processing sulfur content of crude oil is more and more high, should develop desulfurization refining equipment, however this refinery equipment is insufficient. Because oil refining technology is backward, waste plastic refinery equipment but finished oil sulfur content request more and more low, oil refining enterprises are facing great pressure.
    At present, China 's oil refining equipment structure must make a major adjustment, in order to adapt to market competition. For the oil refining enterprises, finished product oil quality standard elevation must result from the newly created or reforming a series of processing equipment, and makes the oil refining enterprise fixed assets to add, extended processing process, also will increase the cost of. But if China's oil refining enterprises want in the market have a competitive advantage, low carbon and environmental social responsibility and obligation, waste plastic refinery equipment must be used to produce advanced oil refining equipment.

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