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plastic recycling machine in enviroment protection


    According to the latest research report shows that the waste tyre and waste plastic recycling technology has matured, Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. to produce the international advanced level of waste tyre, waste plastics, distillayion technologies, waste to treasure, to produce the pure color. diesel and gasoline, the use of the thermal decomposition principle for environmental stewardship on the device has been improved greatly ease the shortage of the world's energy problem,
    Plastic = 70%: the recycling of plastic bottles, though not directly into a plastic bottle, but one t get 700 kg of the two plastic raw materials; waste plastics oil refining is also the main method to use, recycling one ton of waste plastic can be refined to 600 kg plastic oil fuel
    Tires = 50%; recycling one ton of tires not only can be pyrolisis into 500 kg of diesel oil and pure carbon black. Refining of used tires is a very important method to use for recycled
    fuel Oil = 98%; a lot of people do not know the waste  oil pollution of the environment, the 1 kg of waste oil can contaminate drinking water of 700 tons, in response to this on the grounds of waste oil pyrolysis decomposition technique can waste oil into diesel and engine, not only protect the environment and precious energy.
    The Huayin renewable energy equipment sales far overseas countries friends give a lot of recognition and support.

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