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How to use the decolorization of sand will mix with a variety of impurities in the waste oil regenera

    One, plastic refinery equipment and regeneration principle according to the water insoluble and water boiling point than oil low principle, by heating and static separation of removing water. Use of concentrated H2SO4 oxidative removal of organic matter by using sand adsorption, decolorization of pigment, through the filter to remove mechanical impurities, thus achieving oil regeneration purpose.
    In two, the operation process oil regeneration in general has to go through five steps as follows;
    1 in addition to water : the waste oil collection to the collection of oil pool in addition to water, is placed in the oil refining pot, heat up to 70 to 80 DEG C after cessation of heating, let stand for about 24 hours, the surface of the water is discharged, then slow heating to 120 degrees C ( when the temperature approaches 100 degrees, to prevent heat slowly, boiling oil overflow ), so that the moisture evaporates, after about two hours, not turning oil, oil smoke black oil gas can.
    2: pickling oil to be cooled to room temperature, stirring slowly adding sulfuric acid ( concentrations of 92 ~ 98% ), acid amount for oil 5 ~ 7% ( based on oil contamination level). After the acid, and continue to stir for half an hour, then standing for 12 hours, the acid slag discharging.
    3 plastic refinery equipment washing: after pickling oil back up to 80 DEG C under stirring, adding soda ash ( Na2CO3 ), fully mixing evenly, so its standing for 1 hours, then use test paper to test for the neutral, then standing for 4 hours, alkaline residue discharging.
    4, decolorization sand filtering: filter decolorization sand to join, let black diesel by high decolorization by sand, adsorption to black oil depigmenting. Decolorization of sand and the height for the filter diameter 2-4 times, the pressure of 1-2 kg. If the amount of height and decolorization sand filter with diameters of 1 : 1 to atmospheric gravity. At room temperature, filtering, sand thickness of not less than 45 cm to 50 cm, do a test that is simple with a bottle of mineral water from the bottom, the bottle with a filter cloth bag, into the sand, then pour the oil into, filter.
    5 clay adsorption : oil and activated clay added together up to 120 DEG C, at constant temperature and stirring ( the amount of about oil 3.5% ), continue to stir for half an hour, hot filtration.
    6: can be used to filter filtration, filtering to obtain qualified oil. If no oil filter, bag filter method can also be used crane.
    The above is the purification of oil the general process, but should be determined according to the actual situation. Such as impurity containing very little water, then the first step can be omitted; e.g. the acid-base treatment, oil colour is normal, it does not need to be activated bleaching earth adsorption decolorization.
    Plastic refinery equipment Product Description: decolorization of sand, with good fluidity, with extremely strong adsorption function to remove oil coke quality, asphaltene, unsaturated hydrocarbons, nitrogen, organic acids and impurity, for benzene, such as olefins by organic cross-linked, ion exchange and return solution, so that the decolorization and purification after the longer two oxidation reaction, maintaining oil quality and long-term storage. With bleaching, acid removal, deodorization and adsorption of potassium ion and filtering gel medium multiple function. Its principle is that the role of decolorization of sand material using their porous structure absorbs oil gel medium black pigment molecule, effectively achieve decolorization, deodorization purifying oil effect. Through decolorization products in addition to taste treatment, dark smelling pickling oil can be turned into pale yellow odorless transparent oil.
How to use the decolorization of sand will mix with a variety of impurities in the waste oil regenera

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