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2013 Used Tyre Recycle Machine into crude oil in motor car

Profuct details:

Model NO.:   HY-2800
Automatic:   Yes
Material of Reactor:   Q345r Boiler Plate
Thickness of Reactor:   16mm/18mm
Cooling System:   Water Cooling
Cooling Level:   evel 3 Cooling
Oil Yield:   40%~50%
Safety Devices:   Safety Valves&Auto Alarm
Environmental Protection:   No Pollution
Welding Method:   Automatic Welding
Certificate:   ISO9001&CE
Export Markets: 


    > Security:
    a :Adopting automatic submerged welding technology
    b: Adopting manufacture process controlling system .
    c: Steam pressure and water pressure
    2> Environmental-friendly:
    Emission Standard: Adopting special gas scrubbers
    Smell during operation: Fully enclosed during the operation
    Water pollution: During the operation, the water we use is recycling one to cool down the gas-oil and convert into liquid oil in the condensers. No pollution at all.
    Solid pollution: the solid after pyrolysis is the crude carbon black and steel wires which can be deep-processed or sold directly with its value.
    3> Full open door design: Speedy Loading in and steer drawing out, easily cooling down after one batch finished, saving time; No leaking with special high temperature flexible Graphite packing
    4> Fully enclosed Carbon black discharging system under high temperature
    5> Energy conservation and low cost on operation

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine
     Pyrolysis Plant

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