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    scrap rubber refining equipmentCharacteristics of oil refining equipment: the new environmental pollution-free brick, removable, small footprint, continuous feeding, multi-stage catalytic advantages.Main:Refining equipment: oil refining equipment, waste oil refining equipment, waste oil refining, waste plastics, oil refining equipment, the refining of waste plastics, waste tires oil refining equipment, discarded tires oil refining, waste tires oil refining equipment, tires oil refining equipment, environmental protection, oil refining equipment, domestic refining equipment, small oil refining equipment, prices of small-scale oil refining equipment, multifunctional oil refining equipment.Oil additives: diesel additives, gasoline additives, fuel additives, methanol, gasoline additives, methanol, diesel fuel additives, fuel additives, diesel decolorization deodorant, diesel decolorant, oil decolorizing agent, the flash point to improve the agent, oil pour agents, cetane enhancer, cetane improver, diesel pour point depressant, diesel deodorant, diesel deodorant, oil stabilizer, diesel catalysts, stabilizers of oil refining additives, composite additives. more than additive effect, refining fine agents, bleaching agents, antioxidants, oil deacidification deacidification agent.Catalyst categories: oil refining catalysts, pour catalyst, the catalyst of oil, oil refining catalysts, a catalyst for non-hydrogen, non-hydrogen pour catalyst, refining liquid catalyst refinery liquid catalyst, liquid catalyst, such asOils: Diesel, 0 the price of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, diesel wholesale, wholesale gasoline, diesel price (7400 yuan), gasoline prices (7200 $), biodiesel, No. 0 diesel prices, non-standard diesel fuel, the wholesale price of diesel , biodiesel, methanol, gasoline, methanol, diesel, bio-diesel technology, and fuel oil.We newly developed a new type of multi-function continuous production of environmentally friendly refining machine, breaking the traditional method of refining, which is characterized by small size, reasonable design, continuous feed of raw materials, finished products has been out, breaking the traditional kettle charge, a few days the old way of oil, the machine is high yield, low cost, easy to use (48 square is casually a house can at home), Nissan 2-30 tons (by size), the catalytic tower national patents, three levels of catalytic cracking, the oil smell, color yellow, and the late eliminating the unnecessary oil to acid and alkali refined by loss only need to add antioxidants to the sale of the company supporting liquid, gas, catalyst, and post-processing of various additives, eliminating the ancient craft of pickling.After years of research and practice, special launch Free pH refined oil refining, greatly reducing the cost of production, to improve the oil yield, the latter only need to add 1-3% 0 sperm preparation, and rapidly falling oil in oxides and unsaturated hydrocarbons, without loss of effective hydrocarbon oil loss of such a treatment is not more than 4% 0. clear oil.

     Waste Tire Recycling Machine

     Pyrolysis Plant

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