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Tell you about how to know the magic oil waste plastic


    Waste tires is a difficult natural degradation of the polymer material, accumulation of long-term occupation of land, pollute the environment, to form a serious "black pollution"; at the same time, very high calorific value of waste tire (35MJ/kg so), each producing a tireneed 27L to 32L of fuel oil, a large number of abandoned waste tire caused a great waste of resources. Therefore, the waste tire energy recovery processing has become a very urgent environmental and social problems. Pyrolytic recycling of carbon black, oil-rich aromatics and high calorific value fuel gas, can maximize the recovery of waste tires in the energy, can be extracted from the high value-added chemical products, resulting in higher economic effectiveness [1-7]. Therefore, the pyrolytic today the best way to deal with discarded tires.
    In this study, the pyrolysis process of tire samples of two different sources outside a tire samples the TG / DTG study, three samples under different heating rate pyrolysis behavior and pyrolysis kinetics. By pyrolysis kinetics studies that contribute to the qualitative analysis of the optimal temperature range of the pyrolysis reaction, and provide a valuable reference for use of waste tire pyrolysis.
    1 Experimental section
    1.1 Sample
    The experiment used the same type of old and new outer tire samples (1 # and 2 #) and a tire sample (# 3), after washing, air dry, use a fine file tread parts of the sample very fine The experimental particle samples, the particle size of less than 0.35mm.
    1.2 Experimental Methods
    With STA409PC thermal gravimetric analysis instrument of non-isothermal analysis method three samples of pyrolysis behavior. Due to the smaller particle size of the sample (particle size less than 2mm), each experiment about the quality of the sample 5mg, therefore, the sample of the pyrolysis process is kinetically controlled [8]. In this study, three heating rate (5K/min, 10K/min and 20K/min) heating the sample until the sample pyrolysis.
    2 Results and discussion
    Figure 1 shows the thermal solution of the three samples at different heating rates the weight loss curve. Figure 2 DTG curves of the three samples at different heating rates.

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