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Waste plastic refinery equipment project to highlight the advantages

    As the world economy make a spurt of progress, the oil shortage tendency grow with each passing day, since entering ninety years, energy has become the main factor that restricts economic progress, already ascertain global terrestrial oil fifteen years after mining! To find new energy sources has become a worldwide concern.
    As a result of the social consumption and plastic products are becoming more and more popular, the white pollution has become a public hazard, not only environmental pollution and waste of renewable resource use, waste is very serious. Plastic products in China has thousands of tons, with an annual growth rate of 13% growth, waste plastics have also increased dramatically, the contradiction between environment and development is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the plastic waste management crunch time, according to the Henan province of the preliminary investigation, every possible from garbage and recycling company recycling 4000000 tons of waste plastics. Industrial and transportation development, a large number of waste is urgent. As far as our country is concerned, according to a medium County statistics: waste polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, waste rubber, waste oil, waste or waste. In daily life such as waste plastic film, packaging bags, fast food box, food bags, foam boxes, all kinds of electrical enclosure and plastic products, scrap, waste tires, waste oil, waste oil, gasoline, diesel oil using waste; waste oil, oil and other oil rate higher. Its total quantity is in 12000 tons of above, therefore, a county to build a six year deal with 1500 tons of waste plastics oil refining factory, raw materials supply.
    Four, basic principle
    To waste plastics as raw material, under the action of catalyst, through thermal cracking and catalytic cracking reactions after reduction into gasoline and diesel, in order to achieve by hydrocarbon element comprising a polymer plastic to low molecular fuel conversion. The last generation of gasoline and diesel oil fractionation technology. Waste plastic refinery equipment will be all kinds of waste plastics by artificial remove debris and sediment supply thermal cracking reactor ( too large volume required by crushing ), thermal cracking and catalytic cracking ( operating condition is normal and 250 - 450 degrees C), generating vapor substance ( petrol and diesel oil mixture), through the condenser into liquid enters the fractionating tower, after fractionation yield of gasoline and diesel oil. University of petroleum research results are: waste polyethylene pyrolysis the octane value of gasoline is 88 #, waste polypropylene cracking the octane value of gasoline is 92 #, pyrolysis of waste polystyrene income the gasoline octane number is 93 - 102 #, appropriate regulation of feeding in three kinds of waste plastic ratio, and can produce octane number is 90 - 93 # gasoline, while the production of steam, diesel accord with national standard. This was followed by the waste gas pollution control. Take measures, strengthen the sealing, strictly control the cracking generated gas leakage; as far as possible to take the sulfur mineral fuel, reduce sulfur dioxide pollution; pyrolysis gas after burning, prior to discharge, to go through the catalytic conversion or alkali liquor, acid absorption, prevent the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, hydrogen chloride, phosphorus compounds in environmental pollution. Good quality oil: due to the independent innovation of oil refining agent, plastic smell removal agent additives, effective adsorption of oil in harmful glial and other impurities, and have good decolorization, deodorization function. Waste plastic refinery equipment waste plastics in the accelerator, purifying agent, the presence of a catalyst, catalytic pyrolysis process of mixed oil, then the mixed oil in the accelerator, decolorizing agent, deodorant, the presence of a catalyst by distillation, refining device gasoline, diesel.
Waste plastic refinery equipment project to highlight the advantages

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