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Waste plastic refinery equipment


    Waste plastic refinery equipment mostly uses the fixed reactor cracking Chemical disposal mostly adopts the fixed reactor cracking, but the presence of cracking after solid-phase material agglomeration coking, device cannot run continuously problem. There is also considerable use of indigenous cleavage, but most indigenous device was unlicensed, illegal operation, serious environmental pollution, safety can not be guaranteed, the state banned. Division I after more than 10 years of independent innovation, in home the first invention of the rotary type plastic cracking reactor, overcome coking difficulties, realizes the device completely closed, automated production, the entire process of production without pollution.
    Tesco 's golden dragon fish, Luhua, secondary refining equipment and more brands such as edible oil prices did not change, still as before. The long, golden dragon fish5L soybean oil price still is 49.9yuan / barrel. The Spring Festival is the" original edible oil sales season, the price should fall, but this year it up without moving. Conducting oil furnace" Tesco supermarket Qingchun store oil for more than operation, plastic refining equipment" even spring up without moving, after Spring Festival can be down."

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