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Advantages of waste tire recycling equipment in the following areas


    The technical advantages of waste tire recycling equipment in the following areas:
    1.Pyrolysis of waste tire recycling equipment processor with horizontal rotating structure, completely overcome the vertical flat cracking processor local heating is uneven, easy to break, low yield, short life and other adverse factors, and the host uses the horizontal 360-degree rotating structure, speed of 0.4 rev / min;
    2.Waste tire recycling equipment, environmental equipment, the gas-flaring processor not only eliminates the pollution emissions but also save a lot of fuel, water film desulfurization dust after dealing with smoke and dust emissions to meet the national standard;
    3.Waste tire recycling equipment using the company's R & D catalyst, which greatly shortened the lysis time and solve the sticky wall problem, the furnace body;
    4.Refining of fuel oil waste tire recycling equipment treated after the chromaticity can reach the light red or yellow;
    5.Waste tire recycling equipment closed automatically the residue will not cause air pollution, shorter time;
    6.Waste tire recycling equipment cabinet condenser, cooling effect is good, easy to clean;
    7.The emissions generated by the production process of waste tire recycling equipment, can be used to re-burning of the exclusive equipment recycling, saving a lot of fuel costs.

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