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The precipitator to use temperature


    Waste plastic recycling machine precipitator at its use temperature, you need to pay attention to what the problem?
    For the baghouse, the use temperature is determined by two factors: the first is the maximum temperature of filter media, and the second is the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature.
    Currently, due to the large selection of fiberglass filter baghouse maximum use temperatures up to 280 ° C. Therefore, higher than this temperature of the gas, it is necessary to take measures to cool the same time, lower than the dew point temperature of the gas must be taken the tiouine measures.
    Now, the choice of PPS filter baghouse more, so the temperature of about 170 degrees.
    For baghouse, the use of temperature and dust removal efficiency relationship is not obvious, it is different from the electrostatic precipitator. For electrostatic precipitators, using the temperature change will affect the specific resistance of dust and other factors, thereby affecting the collection efficiency.

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