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Heartfelt Voice of a Canadian Visitor looking for fuel from plastic waste

At the beginning of this week, a client from Canada flew over the Pacific Ocean, came to Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd. in Henan province, and finally found his desirable partner here. 
Following is the main part of his heartfelt talk told by the leader and negotiator of Huayin Group.
“I have visited several companies or ‘manufacturers’, during the communication the major thing I could feel is that they were sparing every effort to convince me to buy more machines or unnecessary accessories. All in their mind is more profit and financial benefit.”
“ But when I come to Huayin, talk or negotiate whenever in workshops or office with you guys, indeed I see something different. You are not like other people I visited, you are not trying to talk me into purchasing more. I feel you are considering my benefit from my aspect, you are helping me to spend reasonable money making profit to a largest degree.” 
“Mr. Guo, just as you said, you are not simply seeking a purchaser to make more money for you, this is also my concept on business. I’m sincerely looking for a partner who can cooperate with me in this field.” That is the key point of Huayin concept, searching for a capable and reliable partner who can expand the refining market to deal with more waste on earth, and producing more ecological fuel from plastic waste and waste engine oil and motor oil.  


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