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How to Turn the Dump into Fuel Oil

It is a long and researchable history of household garbage treatment. During ancient times, agriculture was almost everything of people’s life, without doubt harvest was their focus. Lightning, storm, and sunshine drew people’s attention mostly, hence life was simple as well as natural then. And the domestic garbage was also plain and can be dissociated in a short time on the ground or under, therefore pollution was not serious enough to be the common issue of the world. Besides, our forefathers knew deeply that the source of food and clothing was the earth they were planting and perspiring on every day, and cared about the ground condition naturally. 

Nonetheless, when the industrial revolution appeared and soared, everything changed, including the style of making a living. Modern inventions, such as light bulb, train and car ran into people’s life, and plastic was born in the very beginning of 20th century which was commented as the worst invention so far. All those technologies not only made human’s life more convenient, and speed high, but also caused serious pollution and even damages on the earth, among which more and more house garbage became a worldly issue. Because on one hand the daily trash keeps growing every day, and taking up big areas, on the other hand affecting people’s living conditions and causing diseases little by little. From that moment on when people started noticing the importance of protecting the only planet, scientists and engineers began to solve the problem by experimenting over and over. 

Viewing the general history of waste management, from landfill, burning, to more advanced sorting treatment, it can be seen that people are looking for a healthy and profitable way of dealing with garbage. However, even the classified method cannot reach that goal.
Excitedly, near the end of 20th century, Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment CO. Ltd set out to explore refining field, and after years of researching and creating, pyrolysis plant of waste tire/plastic (household garbage) to fuel oil appeared on earth. A promising and profit method of dealing with daily rubbish shocked business and some governments outside of China. Right now, plenty of engineers, governmental officers and prosperous investors are coming to Xinxiang City, Henan province to visit this stunning invention with big interest and potential investment. Nobody refuses to make a difference by his limited but persistent exploration and hardworking on this planet.  


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