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How to buy waste plastic to oil machine from Chinese Pyrolysis plant manufacturers?

Many people want to build Pyrolysis plant in their hometown city, but they don't know clearly how to buy the machine from professional pyrolysis plant manufacturers. Let's see it:

First, before clients set mind to do this business, Huayin sales team will suggest you do profit analysis, the cost of raw material, land, labors, and final products selling price, all these factors decides whether you can gain profits from this project.
Second, after finish the feasibility study, clients should better make sure the daily processing capacity, it will decide the machine model you choose when you select from various Pyrolysis plant manufacturers.
Third, come to China to visit the Pyrolysis plant manufacturers factory, here, you'd better choose direct machine manufacturer, it can not only save you lots of cost, but also guarantee the machine quality, enter into the facotry to feel the working condition and production process, it helps great to choose best supplier.
Fouth, after you decide to choose the machine, sign contract with the Pyrolysis plant manufacturers, then you may go back to your country, you need to pay the deposit within 15 days after signing the contract.
Fifth, after factory receive your deposit, they will began to manufacture the selected pyrolysis plant.
Sixth, after supplier finish machine production, they will inform you to finish the final payment, and then prepare machine delivery.
Last, after machine delivered to your place, the supplier will arrange experienced engineer to your factory for pyrolysis plant installation and debugging, the engineer will help you train your workers and guarantee the machine running well in your place before they leave.

As the leading Pyrolysis plant manufacturers in China, Huayin group also supply one year free warranty, if you have any problems, just contact us freely, ready to serve you anytime.


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