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More Overseas Clients Visiting Huayin

Nowadays, pyrolysis process provides a good solution to recycle waste tire and plastic. There are many enterprises who currently devote themselves on developing this pyrolysis technology such as Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd, shortly as Huayin Group.
In the first quarter of 2019, Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd welcome more overseas clients visit to office and factory, the visiting rate is rising 30% compared to same period year on year. They hope to find solution to help them converting waste to valuable products.
More clients spark the fruitful achievement at the beginning of 2019 of Huayin, resorting to Huayin’s solid technology advantages and accumulation, as well as its talents team on R&D and marketing.
The clients from Botswana visited Huayin Group last week, they were very happy to find out a very good solution and supplier, when they left for backing, they said they expected setting up such plant in Botswana by them to solve the waste problem as soon as possible, and would come back soon.
Thanks, many thanks, thanks for your guys’ warmly welcome, the most important, let me know you and your plant, this machine will help a lot, I have always looked for the solution to solve waste plastic, today I got answer from you, said by clients from Malaysia.
Huayin’s pyrolysis products has already exported to 65 countries so far, it is truly acknowledged that Huayin will get more clients afterwards, promote waste tire & plastic recycling pyrolysis process to the rest of world, reduce the waste and landfill on environment pollution treatment, return a green, clean and purity landscape.

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