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People in Huayin are Exercising Together

The Scripture tells us that our body is “the temple of the holy spirit” ( 1 Corinthians 6:19), it is a loving principle for us to obey, however not for confining us, but protecting both our body and spirit. Once our body is becoming weak or even ill, we cannot live or work normally under good mood, what is more, we will soon feel depressed. 

Nevertheless, few people in modern times notice it, or although they know the importance of health in daily life, do not want to spend time exercising. Entering the office, white-collar workers would sit down and start to knock the keyboard and stare at the computer screen. Some people move a bit during day time, and others live in seat until meal times. Even some people are too busy to go out of office to have lunch, they will ask for take-out service to sit and eat. Motionlessness causes serious trouble when time comes. As a consequence, most people spend a plenty of money seeing the doctor and hospitalizing.  
To avoid this tragedy, one of the principles in Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., is to exercise together in the middle of the afternoon. At the very beginning of this strategy, everyone considered it very important, and exercised carefully. Yet as days went on fast, people were used to it, and about half of the staff tended to forget its importance and meaning and stopped exercising. In the first place, we felt nothing about it, until one day, one of us spent time in hospital, and could not work for days. He was very regretful to sit all the time and do not exercise enough. He became a big reminder among us that work is only a part of our life, yet not the whole of it. Health takes most control of a quality and joyful life. We should memorize always and remind ourselves and colleagues around us. 

From that day on, most of us started to pay more attention to our health and plan to keep exercising everyday. Sometimes, we would forget but others encourage and remind us in order to live a healthy and more joyful and meaningful life. Because, what is the profit of earning the world but losing one’s life?     

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