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Plastic to fuel machine, plastic pyrolysis plant

① Huayin Story
In last century around 1993, a young man with passion and aspiration named Guo, started to run a small oil refining factory which nearly went broke at that time. However, when Guo started to run that potential group, everything was changed little by little and something different was growing there.    
Then the rudiment of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment (waste plastic/tires to fuel oil and waste oil to diesel refining oriented) began to take shape. At the very beginning, Huayin was only specialized in extracting fuel oil from waste plastic. And as time went on, Huayin kept on moving forward with hundreds of bold experiments and professional improvement. Year after year, Huayin patented pyrolysis technology has been updated again and again from 1st generation to 6th generation with 11 patents until today. 

Recently Huayin Group came up with oil-base drilling fluid management equipment, which is a rare technology all over the world to deal with waste drilling fluid nowadays.    
② Huayin Think-Tank
Huayin big family as well as a team now with over 100 people grew, however, from very few people in original period, who were friends with each other. 
Now Huayin owns Research and Development Department, Production Department, and Foreign Trade Department. They are separated geographically yet connected with one another intently, united as one, and developing a better and better cooperation relationship. 
Huayin Research and Development Department is mainly in charge of technology improvements every several months. And we never stop creating and updating. That is how we survive and be distinguished from others in the same field. If the readers pay attention on our website, you can see new technology coming up time by time.     
③ Huayin Future
Huayin group is doing her best to embrace today and the future with full passion, sincerity, and timely new technology. 
We invite you to build or witness our future together.



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