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Silent night, Holy night--Seeking Truth of Christmas Together

"Silent night, holy night, shepherds come……" December 24th and 25th are the universal celebration for the historic birth of Jesus Christ--the only son of God, and the salvation for human beings. Nonetheless, most of the Chinese emphasize this celebration as sales day, because tremendous advertisement spread around Christmas season to motivate people to grab any chance to purchase. Therefore, "Stanta Claus" is standing on crossroads, in front of shop's door to attract passersby in order to encourage them to pay bucks.

Founded on Gospel, Huayin (Renewable Energy Equipment Co.) honors Christmas as the original meanings. To worship and share joy with brothers and sisters, Huayin staff spent several days preparing and practicing holy songs and worshiping dance, sometimes tired, but felt the joy and glory inside. There were failing times when some of us wanted to give up, however, through the encouragement from co-workers as well as brothers and sisters in Christ, all the participators finished the whole practicing and were ready for Christmas gathering in church. Besides, some of us drew a lesson that complaints and criticism did not help at all, yet encouragement and advice out of brotherly love really help us to stick to the end, which also carries the concept of Huayin, everything is built on pure love.
On December 25th morning all the staff gathered with faith and left for church near Huayin factory in Xinxiang city , for we knew clearly all songs or dances were not for ourselves, but for Jesus and Father. Arriving at the church, all other brothers and sisters from local smaller churches were worshiping and praying. Just as we were, others all well prepared to welcome and honor the big day of the year with an incomparable heart. 

Fortunately, we were not the fist to perform but middle, so that we had a chance to breathe and enjoy various worshiping performances. Our heart beats moment came near lunch time, after brothers programs. We held breath and surprisingly sang and danced best than ever since we began to practice about two days ago.
If there is no holy love from Jesus' universal salvation, and Father, all the performances and extols would be meaningless and ridiculous. However, we were there to seek truth, the road to truth, and asked Jesus to help us to live a real instead of superficial life. To be more specific and practical, we are forever looking for pure love and trying to realize it in our daily life including our job. To produce the pyrolysis plant with loving heart, to give away advertisements without lies and exaggerations, to serve clients with a serving heart are the real goals of Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.( waste tires, plastics, engine oil, motor oil to fuel oil). Huayin is not perfect, but she is forever on the road of pursuing perfection with holy love. 

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