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The appearance of Xinxiang Huayin waste plastic/tire oil refining equipment

    This story is about the appearance of waste tyre/plastic/oil refining equipment. One morning of 20 years ago, Mr. Guo walked on the his way to his friend Mr. Xu’s home. The weather was very hot, large drops of perspiration streaming down from Mr. Guo face, he looks solemn and gathered his brows into a frown as if he was thinking something serious. Things would go back to the evening of three days ago, Mr. Guo went home from school after finish his school work. When he was having dinner with his wife and son, there came a burst of rapid knock on the door. Guo's son ran fast and opened the door, Mr. Xu stood outside with matted hair, he looks excited and shouted loudly: I did it, I did it! Xu and Guo are good friends, they grew up together, graduated together and worked together. But later Xu resigned his job and everyday he was immersed in his so-called scientific research mysteriously. Guo tried several times to persuade him to go back to work, but Xu was always dragging. After a long time, Guo gave up. But he still relieved his friend Xu occasionally as Xu’s life was really strapped even his food and clothing are problems.
    Every time Xu would say: Don’t worry, after I succeed, both of us will have a big villa. And Guo just smiled and never take it seriously. So this time, Guo smiled as usual and said: you must be don’t have money, come to eat first and I will give you some money. But Xu said excitedly: No, no, this time I really succeed, I succeed, ha ha ha ha ...... I am a genius! Guo shook his head: hey, how could you do it, I told you many times to go back to work. How plastics can be made into oil, it’s impossible! Xu shouted anxiously: it’s true, I did it, if you don’t believe, you can go watch it. Guo ate some food and said: OK, OK, I believe you, OK? But Xu argued: I'm not crazy, my treasure is in my backyard, you must go to look it after meal, be sure to come! Guo was about to speak, his wife glanced at him. So Guo said: Well, I'm very busy these days, I will go and see after these days. Xu said: OK, OK, OK, let me go first, be sure to come! And then he ran away. Guo looked at his wife and said: what’s wrong? His wife said: Xu acts like a madman, are you silly too? How could you belive this. Guo smiled and said: well, don't be anxious. Anyway, we are good friends, not to mention his current situation. How can I stimulate him again? Whether it is true or false, I will go to see it two days later. His wife sighed heavily: hey, he is such a good person, how to become this? Guo heard, but also sighed.

    So after three days, it was Sunday morning, Mr. Guo had nothing to do. That day was July 11, 1993, He remember clearly, the weather was very hot, he took the meals that his wife prepared to send to Xu. By the way, to see that so-called baby: oil refining equipment! In fact, Guo was also whispered in his heart: did he really do it? It’s impossible, how could he succeed? In any case, it’s impossible to refine plastic to oil. But he still could not stop thinking it, it is human natural curiosity.
    When he was about to enter into Xu’s house, a strange smell wafted out, Guo guessed something may happened? He speed up the pace and ran to Xu's home. Guo pushed the door directly and shouted: Xu, where are you? Where are you? He shouted several times, but nobody responded. Guo became more worried and suddenly he thought of the backyard that Xu had mentioned, then he walked toward to the backyard, there he saw the scene in the backyard that he will never forget, the scene that changed his whole life...
    For further detailed information about waste tire/plastic/oil refining equipment, please pay attention to the contact information on our website.

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