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US Friends Prolong Their Journey in China, to Be Exact Huayin

Several American friends as well as our clients visited our company and factories two days ago to get a larger picture of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd and her waste tires/plastic to oil pyrolysis plant and waste oil to diesel distillation machine. 

At the very beginning, they spent time with our leadership discussing about latest pyrolysis technology and waste management in the dinning room of our company. Besides, our leadership also shared something about our belief and the mission on His disciples. Both of them enjoyed their time together very much. 
What should be mentioned here is Chinese food and our foreign friends. We have accepted plenty of friends from different continents all over the world, most of them were fond of Chinese food and ate a lot during the meals, however, still some fellows dislike our food here because of their strong racial eating habits, and we also respect that. And we are glad to know that our US friends love Chinese food. 
After about two days’ trip in Zhengzhou, they changed their plan and chose to stay longer in Huayin factory to know more details of our unique technology and pyrolysis assembly. Huayin people will be full of passion to welcome and entertain our dear friends from afar. 


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