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Why History Weighs?

It is horrible to sell pyrolysis plastic to oil machine waste to energy without real and touching history, because true experience and spirit can be shown from it, and so as the value. Whether the history is shining or full of waves, at least it means the team indeed fought for what they were pursuing. It is not terrible that a company showed the real history including failure and success, yet it is truly dreadful that a company hides her history and exaggerates. That is why Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Co. Ltd is serious about her own history and often shares it with others. 
Aside from experience, the real history of a company also means responsibility. A few years ago, in order to make sure our pyrolysis plastic to oil machine run well and the outputs could be sold to make profits, Huayin group ran the plants in person and looked for markets. Countless experiments were not in vain, extracted oil from our plants were salable and making money. 
On the picture, the readers shall see the oil tank truck and our factory. It is telling that Huayin refined furnace oil by running her own machine and selling the oil for real. Failures were inevitable, however, we will never be threatened, only motivated. Through running and experiments, Huayin people get to know the defectives and how to improve in detail.     
Until today, Huayin Think-Tank is still on the way of creating and experimenting, pursuing flawless production and service. Defamation and criticism are always there as friends to push us forward faster and faster. 


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