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Winter Solstice Dumplings Dinner 2014

The photograph tells colleagues of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.( refine waste tire/plastic/waste engine oil to fuel oil/diesel) , get together to have Winter Solstice Dumplings Dinner. Delightfully, all of them enjoy the steaming dumplings, which drive away the bitter coldness in middle winter accordingly.  
Dating back to ancient China,Tang and Song Dynasty( A.D. 618- A.D.1279), people carried on a habit of eating dumplings on the winter solstice day, around December 21st every year. There is a proverb for it, “not eating dumplings on winter solstice, ears disappear by coldness”. Therefore, until now people keep this habit to protect our ears from coldness, which sounds like an adorable fairy tale. 
How can small dumplings protect ears simply by eating? Does it carry a legend or some other advanced technology?  Actually, a famous doctor named Zhang Zhongjing from Eastern Han Dynasty(A.D.25- A.D.220)  invented a method to cure people’s frostbites on the cheek, hands and ears, he put mutton and other Chinese medicine into flour wrapper and cooked them for the patients. Magically, after eating the dumpling-like medicine, all the patients recovered very well, their frostbites went away. Thus, they loved this method and thanked Zhang deeply.  

From that time on, people began to keep this method to heal their frostbites for about hundreds of years. However, as time went on, people not only used it as medical method, but also turned the medical dumplings to today’s delicious food dumplings. What is more, they developed dumplings into a lot of kinds, such as pork, beef and various vegetables dumplings, on one hand as a fellowship gathering, on the other hand to honor the historic doctor Zhang Zhongjing. 
Through today’s Winter Solstice Dumplings Dinner, staff of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. ( refine waste tire/plastic/waste engine oil to fuel oil/diesel), had a chance to have a comfortable rest from fast working time with co-workers. During the dinner time, they enjoyed the food slowly instead of eating fast as normal to keep pace with others, as well as get to know each other more. It is a kind of fellowship union, simultaneously an opportunity to honor ancient China tradition and known both at home and abroad doctor Zhang Zhongjing.    

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