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Difference of Huayin Cool Condensers pyrolysis plant Refine Field


What cooling system is employed in Xinxiang Huayin pyrolysis plant

Generally, water cooling method is used in both pyrolysis machine and oil distillation plant. And to be exact, three stages of cooling devices are built throughout the whole assembly in different positions. 


What are the characteristics of Xinxiang Huayin water cooling condensers?

Huayin’s condensers are horizontally and vertically designed with three layers. Every layer takes different position therefore has different responsibilities. For example the first stage which is known as cooling pipe is to cool down the heavy oil for the very first time, and the second step which is famously known as horizontal condensers take hold very influential part to cool down more oil in a largest degree.

What is the main difference between horizontal condensers and vertical condensers and water cooling pool of pyrolysis plant
Most clients must know something about the water cooling pool method, and some of them do not know which one is more effective to cool down oil gas. Readers or clients can imagine, only one big pipe is cooled in the water, and the oil gas inside just quickly flows through for only one time. How much oil can be cooled and collected simply by a few seconds’ flow in a thick and big pipe? 
However, Huayin horizontal condensers are much differently designed and working. Huayin design can cool down the oil from oil gas by every cubic centimeter separately and prolong the staying time of the oil gas inside the pipe to get most oil in limited time. 


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