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Hazardous Chemicals Directory, shale gas drilling refining equipment

On May 1st, Chinese new version of Hazardous Chemicals Directory 2015 will be settled down according to classification and labeling of chemicals to national standards. It is a nationwide event to protect Chinese vulnerable environment more from many aspects.  
The definition of Hazardous Chemicals accordingly: things that have toxic, corrosive, explosive, burning, combustion and other properties which harms human body, facilities, and environment with hazardous chemicals and other toxic chemicals.     

Unfortunately, objects from waste drilling fluid while exploiting the shale gas include some articles which are in line with the Hazardous Chemicals Directory. Besides all the traditional ways are not good for dealing with the waste, landfill, burning or sealing underground are all very harmful and poisonous to the environment. 
However, shale gas drilling is developing fast both in China and abroad, and waste dealing is always a headache, because it is known that where the waste fluid goes, there is no living things any more.  
But always remember nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It happens in Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd that our R & D department took time, energy and labor to research, experiment and come up with new technology to treat this kind of poisonous waste in a least harmful way which is up to national environment protection standards. 
If you are still tortured by shale gas drilling waste pollution, come to Huayin group and we would like to help you out with green technology. 


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