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Model of Crude Oil Distillation Plant for Potential Clients

Crude oil distillation Machine is the waste oil recycling equipment with huge tower built on the top, the classic invention of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd.    

 According to the name, its core technology is to distill used oil, such as waste engine oil, used gear oil, waste motor oil and waste hydraulic oil to diesel. The general capacity is 3/5/10 tons of waste oil respectively, and the running hours are slightly different within one day by 3-4 workers observing in working area. The largest part of output- 90% is diesel oil, which is available for engine serving with national standard oil. Besides, different countries have various standards, and readers shall check according to their own nation by Huayin diesel oil SGS test report.
Crude oil distillation machine is composed of no less than one thousand precise units with different sizes, some are tiny, others are large. Most of the large units are Huayin patented products. In addition, it is qualified with test report and certificates like SGS, ISO, CE, and BV, telling her security and quality insurance. Safety and quality issues are always the key considerations of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.  


Yet, why is Crude oil distillation Plant so popular in distillation field? A plenty of obvious edges are as follow. Above all, it is secure, in order to avoid flammable syngas running to the reactor in wrong time and direction causing sparkle or explosion, over three large safety devices are created and bond with the reactor and different cooling steps; apart from that safety valves are working with the alarms to maintain the reactor operate under normal or negative pressure in case the workers left the working site. Secondly, it is energy-saving, both used circular water from cooling system and syngas can be collected automatically to reduce much fuel and clean water cost, thus decreasing a large amount of investment for clients. 

What’s more, it is ecology-friendly, and as for the reasons, the precious visits of clients from abroad are highly appreciated. And for those rational investors who plan to do some distillation experiment, Huayin group has prepared a precise distillation plant model with very small cost. Wholehearted service and warm consideration are the long term goal of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant and Distillation Equipment Research and Development Center. If you are a wise and far-sighted business man, Huayin Gate is open to you smilingly, and you will never be leaving with empty hands or regrets.


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