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Plastic to Fuel Machine New Method of Discharging Carbon

Carbon black, also known as black carbon, it is a kind of amorphous carbon. Tyre pyrolysis machine to industrial fuel oil from Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd produces carbon black every batch. With large surface area, black powder is light, loose and very fine, ranging from 10-3000 m 2 / g. It is produced from carbon material (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) under the condition of insufficient air by the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition.  

Usually the whole refining process will take about 23 hours or under, and soon after every batch, tire carbon black will come out with high temperature. Thus, at this very moment, how to discharge the hot carbon becomes a big issue. On one hand, security has to be concerned. On the other hand, discharging time is very limited. And Huayin Research and Development Department has been committed to inventing efficient and safe methods to get the valuable output out.   

Lately, a new advanced technology of discharging was released, which is named as New Spiral Discharging. According to the name, the core technique is imitated from working method of screw. Seeing from the picture, long steel pipe is working as a huge screw to transfer the hot carbon at a right time and clear up all the offscourings. Through this latest method, tire carbon black can be packed soon after being collected. It is both time-saving and secure. 
Apart from this one, there are still another 9 ways to deal with the tire carbon, and the reprocessing machine to enrich its value, adding profit for clients. More technical details will only be uncovered when visitors come to Huayin factory and workshops and are determined to invest this promising project.


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