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Plastic to Oil Machine Feedback from Bulgaria Customer

In the latter half of 2014, Serena, the backbone of salesman in Huayin foreign trade department successfully helped an Bulgaria customer to choose a pyrolysis plant for refining waste plastic. The process was not easily going on, however, the achievements will fulfill everything. 

Today we received some feedback from the client. 
Look at the plastic oil in the picture taken by the owner, just get a glimpse of the oil color. You will know how trustworthy our machine is.

Seen from the oil in the bottle, it is from the first link machine, in other words, pyrolysis plant, the quality is better than what the client even Huayin staff expected. Once the oil looks light and clear, the price will be higher, and market broader. That is our heartfelt goal towards each of our clients, to refine quality oil and make better and green profit.   
Come on! Do not be a onlooker, try a participator, and taste your own fruits out of perspiration and perseverance.


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