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Plastic to Oil Machine-Foundation Means Everything for Clients

After the purchase order and sales contract, Huayin Group will start to arrange engineer’s journey, including visa management and staying time on site. Universally, the more our engineer stays at working site, the better for clients’ project. Because, the stability of foundation determines success or failure to the plastic to oil pyrolysis plant

The specially appointed engineer will guide the installation details according to the professional layout. The length, width, and depth of the base have to be measured strictly to every centimeter. After being settled down and tamped, the body of the reactor can lie on the in the ground firmly. When the foundation is finished steadily and wonderfully, the rest work will go on without big obstacles. In addition, the height of the two ends of the machine shall be built on a same level. 
Otherwise, if the investor does not pay attention to the foundation, huge loss will appear soon. Some clients they do not clearly know the importance of it, and suffer from a lot of mistakes. For example, one of our previous clients, he did not wait for the presence of our engineer and built the foundation by themselves without any professional and technical guidance. And when our engineer arrived there, the situation was kind of out of control. The foundation was half finished and the whole project had to move on, yet hidden danger was planted there. 

When the whole installation was done and and the team started to try the commissioning, the machine could not run steadily at all. A slightest mistake in a project nearly ruined the whole. The entire team had to find out another way to make up for the loss. 
All in all the investors or people who are in charge of pyrolysis project shall seriously pay attention to every detail of base installation. Hidden danger and loss can be killed before appearing by rigorous arrangement and professional guidance.


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