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Pyrolysis Plant for get fuel from plastic waste

General introduction to techniques of get fuel from plastic waste Pyrolysis Technology:

- Pyrolysing, an ecological technology for solid waste treatment, rather than landfill or burning, polluting the environment for the second time.
- Renewable, recycling daily waste to energy - new oil resource.
- Available raw materials, worn tires, rubber make, and used plastic products.
- Edges of investment, low cost of ingredients, some subsidy and other ways of support from the government.
- Final products - fuel oil and other valuable by-products with net margin and wide markets. 


Services of advanced get fuel from plastic waste:

- Lifetime after sale service 
- Installation, training, and commissioning service after sale
- Delivery in 15 days after deposit 
-Manufacturing with automatic auxiliary equipment 
- Design particularly according to clients’ requests

Creative Features of Huayin get fuel from plastic waste plant:

1. Security
In spite of the necessary explosion-proof safety valves and pressure gauge, Huayin get fuel from plastic waste equipment is equipped with oil-water-separator and negative pressure device. 
2. Environmental-protection
a. Exhausted syngas is recyclable to the furnace to reheat the reactor;
b. smoke coming out from refining process can be cleansed in specifically dust-removal system; 
c. The by-products are quality carbon black and steel wire
3. Unique Heating System
Combine direct fuel heating mode and advanced method.
a. For direct heating, the reactor becomes hot very soon, and indirect heating can prolong the service life 3-4 times longer
b. The recyclable syngas saves 20%-30% fuel. Take coal as an example, saving around 100KGS per day. 
4. Energy-saving: the syngas produced from refining process is recycled to the reactor to be fuel to save fuel cost, and the cooling water can be reused after one batch.   
5. Good Oil Rate
Huayin horizontal differently designed condensers are able to expand the area of heating exchange, to make every cubic centimeter oil condensed, cooled, and cleaned.           

Applications of Final Products:

--Tire or bio-plastic fuel oil:
Widely used as fuel oil in industrial zones such as power plant, steel factories, ceramics, aluminium factory large hotels, bath center, restaurants and generators to get electricity and so forth.
--Carbon black: 
available to add into briquette making, or sold to rubber and plastic factory.
--Steel wire from tire:
salable as very good price in many countries 
-- Flammable Syngas:
Can be recycled to the reactor and used as fuel during refining.

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