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Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant to Produce Electricity

In the May of 2015, there are several clients come to Huayin factory to visit the tyre recycling to oil plant. They are considering to install the waste tires pyrolysis plant in their country, while, from the further communication between us, we get to know that their ultimate goal is to produce electricity from the tires oil. As we know that the power scarcity condition is serious all around the world like Brazil, Chile, Nigeria and south Africa, etc. So I believe this waste tires/plastic to electricity project will be a new profitable opportunity for those who want to pursue business success.

The following will answer some basic questions you may meet at the primary stage:
1. Q: Can I mix waste tire and plastic wood clothes together in the reactor?
A: The plastic mixed with wood and clothes, if you can separate these wastes, it would be better for machine running, if you do not want to separate, that is also ok. After pyrolysis, the wood will become charcoal, there are also plastic sludge and clothes sludge. But these slag are useless after pyrolysis.
2. Q: What final products can we get after the pyrolysis system?
A: After pyrolysis, you can get fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black. For the steel wire, you can also remove it before pyrolysis if your tire is not so big (small than D1200).
3. Q: Do you have machine for processing the carbon black and their value?
A: For the carbon black, we have machine to process it to color master batch, the color master batch can be used for making plastic products, pipes and rubber products with high market value.
4. Q: What is environmental impact, is it harmful for environment?
A: For the environmental protection, we have the SGS report for the chimney emission. For others parts, there is no emission, it can reach EU standard.
5. Q: I would like process 20-30 TON waste tyres per day capacity, do you have such model?
A: As you want to process 20 to 30 tons per day. The capacity is small, so we suggest you to use two or three sets of our 10 tons pyrolysis machine, and if one machine have problem, you can use the other two to make sure the oil you need, if you buy one big continuous machine, once it need maintenance or broken, you have to stop the generator.
6. Q: what should I prepare and study before investing this project?
A: This is large project, please consider it carefully before you make the decision. First, for the generator, you need to confirm how many kw you want to produce one hour? Please prepare the government license and the electricity application industry before investing.

If you have any questions, please let us know with no hesitate. All huayin people are sincere to help you build a successful platform.


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