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Tyre pyrolysis plant in Iran

In November 2014, Huayin factory welcome a customer from Iran come to visit our running waste tyre pyrolysis plant. 

Our valuable friends wanted to buy the scrap tyre recycling machine for recycling the used worn tyre into crude fuel oil. This customer introduced the bright prospect of tyre pyrolysis plant project in Iran. From his introduction we got the information that there are large amounts of car tyres abandoned in their country, and government tried many ways to recycle these waste tyre to reduce landfill usage. And fortunately they find the tyre to oil solution. As this is a green and renewable energy project, they get government license and would implement it soon.
When he visited to our factory, we introduced the raw material (steel wire of the reactor) testing, plasma cutting and auto-welding with X-ray detection process for producing the tyre pyrolysis plant. After visiting our manufacturing shop, we show him the machine running from material feeding to carbon black discharging, He was very satisfied with our technology since the smoke from chimney is absolute white. He praise our machine can reach Europe standard and he would go back country for preparing everything to launch this project ASAP.

After this customer back to his home, no more than one month, he contacted to us for signing the contract of the tyre recycling machine with us. After signed the contract, he paid the deposit for the machine soon. And his machine was delivered to Iran, December 2014.
As the tyre pyrolysis plant arrived at his factory, we send our engineer go there for machine installation. After installation, our engineer debug the machine working and training his workers. Now his machine is running well now, everything is going well. We sincere thanks our dear clients' trust and wish him happy life every day.


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