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Waste tyre refining machine


    Any machinery,Waste tyre refining machine will have its specific operational processes, Waste tyre refining machine also has its own specific operational processes.
    The operational processes of Waste tyre refining machine consists of four main parts, namely:
    (1)in addition to the water. Waste oil in addition to the water placed in the refining pot, heating, so that when water is completely evaporated.
    (2) pickling. Be in addition to the oil cooling water, the acid is added and stirred in order to remove the acid residue.
    (3) activated clay adsorption. To ensure constant temperature and stirring, adding activated clay, and stirred for half an hour, then the thermostat standing overnight, the next day hot filter.
    (4) filtering. Oil filter to filter.
    The above-mentioned four parts of the operating processes of Waste tyre refining machine
    Refining machine such as waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber, waste oil waste refined into gasoline and diesel oil industrial equipment, so that it can play a waste utilization, waste the treasure, the role and effectiveness of environmental protection and energy saving . Therefore, Waste tyre refining machine is a country of good equipment.

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